Comforta is produced by Massindo Group which has been established since 1983. Massindo Group has more than 2000 experienced employees all over Indonesia.

Massindo Group products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Australia, Dubai (UAE), Singapore, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia.

In Indonesia, Comforta has won the highest number of awards from various independent survey institutions for many years. The survey proves that Comforta brand spring bed is the most trusted and most satisfying.

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Our Sleep Consultants are ready to help you in order to choose the suitable bed for your needs, because we understand that sleeping more comfortable is everyone's needs.

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Why Choose Comforta?

Comforta is a top mattress brand in Indonesia that has international standard quality, but with an affordable price. We are committed to improving the quality of people's sleep by providing many options of the best quality mattresses according to the people needs.

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The real evidence of the existence of Massindo Group in leading the Indonesian bedding industry market was awarded with awards such as The Best Bedding, The Best Bedding Design and The Best Bedding Comfort at the 2011 and 2012 Most Preferred Brand of Bintang Home Tabloid. In the same year 2012, Massindo Group managed to bring home two awards for the category of The Best Innovation in Marketing and The Best in Experiential Marketing.

Massindo Group through Comforta again managed to bring home 4 awards from Bintang Home Magazine as The Best Bedding Design, The Best Bedding Comfort, The Best Healthy Mattress, and The Most Preferred Brand.

In the next year, 2014, from the sama magazine, Comforta also received awards as The Best Bedding Design, which marked that Comforta has been recognized by Indonesian people for 4 consecutive years as the best mattress brand in Indonesia.

Not only that, In 2014, Comforta won the Master Brand Award from the latest Makassar Magazine and iDEA House Award (Kompas Gramedia Group).

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