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Feel the comfortable sleep with Comfort, Perfect and Popular Series. You can choose the level of padded mattress according to your needs. Comforta guarantees that your sleep is better, and more comfortable because it is designed to improve the quality of sleep for everyone.

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all the time

One of the favourites series from both young and old. Favorite Series is ready to complete your sleep needs with support on each corner of the mattress which makes the mattress more steady.

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when sleepover time!

There are friends want to sleepover, but worried the bed is not enough? Now Comforta presented the Multibed Series. With stainless steel springs and high density foam make your sleepover more fun and enjoyable.

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Designed for a more dynamic life, This bed was created to fulfil you and your family needs for every stage of life.

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Award Received

Comforta has been awarded from both National and International as The Best Bedding Design, The Best Bedding Comfort, The Best Healthy Mattress, The Most Preferred Brand, TOP BRAND AWARD AND ICSA. This award is the highest award for the top brands and most satisfying in Indonesia.
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Comforta is produced by Massindo Group which has been established since 1983. Massindo Group has more than 2000 experienced employees all over Indonesia.

Massindo Group products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Australia, Dubai (UAE), Singapore, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia.

In Indonesia, Comforta has won the highest number of awards from various independent survey institutions for many years. The survey proves that Comforta brand spring bed is the most trusted and most satisfying.

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